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Susan Bertozzi, MFT, NNTS


Psychotherapeutic Services
For children, teens, adults, couples and families utilizing a strength-based, solution-focused approach. Techniques from Emotional Freedom Technique, Child Play Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, and Motivational Interviewing are utilized as indicated.

NeuroNutrient Therapy Services
In combination with psychotherapy or as a stand-alone adjunctive service for clients that would benefit from a natural approach to balancing brain chemistry and improving their moods.

Clinical Herbalism and Classical Homeopathy
Provides an additional foundation for assessing clients. Recommendations may be made to further assist with mental health balancing as indicated.

What is NeuroNutrient Therapy?

A typical NeuroNutrient Therapy Assessment involves taking a bio-psycho-social history, a health history including family history of mental health issues, conducting a symptom-based assessment to gather information related to 5 different brain neurotransmitters categories, and in-office testing of indicated nutritional supplements to test their effectiveness for a specific client in restoring deficient brain chemistry. Read more ...

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